Location Management

  Location Scouting - post images and video to the web, Permiting, Managing
  Negotiating local contracts - In house entertainment lawyer

Not sure what Palau has to offer? Let us find your location, negotiate the fees, secure the permits, build base camp and wrap things up while saving you time, money and headaches.

We can scout and provide you with digital photos and maps, usually in the same day. We can also send you video with your requested camera angles. Send us your storyboard and we will match it frame by frame.

Our experience will help find the best location to fit your lighting, transportation and technical needs.

We don't just scout your location, we manage it.

Palau is a tropical location of more than 300 emerald islets, sometimes called "floating garden islands", a geographical umbrella, that is as diverse as the people who live there.

The famous Rock Islands, beach lined coves, hidden channels, marine lakes, and rugged terrain are a cinematographers dream. Notwithstanding the astounding wonders of the waters, on land, the big island of Babeldoab, the Kayangel Atoll, the coral island of Anguar and downtown Koror area can also fulfill many scripts requirements. Just send us your script or location list and we can send you photos of potential locations. Also check out Palaus tourism web site for more information.

Palau's diverse locations include, but are far from limited to:

  • Island Resort
  • Castaway Island
  • Historic WWII settings
  • (invasion sites, bunkers, cannons, wrecked planes, abandoned US ships, tanks and vehicles)
  • Caribbean town
  • Jungle adventure (bushwack through the forest, native macaque Monkeys)
  • Waterfalls (Blowhole and smashing surfs)
  • Caves
  • Treacherous mountains
  • Mangrove coastline
  • Rolling hills
  • Arid Savannah plain
  • Docks, ports, lighthouse, fishing boats, outrigger canoes
  • Local Villages (traditional "bai" meeting houses,)
  • Developing country

Also remember that Palau is a short hop from Manilla, Philippines; Bali, Indonesia; Cairns, Australia; Japan, Hong Kong and more. All great locations to shoot bustling international cities.

Like most Island environments, there is a wet and dry season here. Dry season begins in August and runs through March. During this time, rain falls about once every two weeks for a period usually lasting less than an hour. During this season clouds are moving quickly and rain is usually not an issue. Clouds in Palau are very common with the average forecast being partly cloudy in the Koror Area. The Rock Islands and Babeldoab, however, enjoy a different climate and the skies tend to be partly cloudy to clear most of the time.

Current Weather Conditions from the States of Palau

State °F °C Current Weather
North of Babeldaob
Southwest of Babeldaob
Southwest Islands