Clients & Past Projects

Clients and Projects form around the Globe make for great experiences.

Ministry of Health Bureau of Public Health
CNN - Asia
SPC - Secretariat of the Pacific Community
UN / Bureau of Agriculture / Food and Agriculture Organization
Palau National Communications Company
Republic of Palau - OEK (Government)
RoP Minisrty of Justice
SPC - 9th Festival of Pacific Arts
Island Cable Television (ICTV)
Fish n Fins
Palau Visitors Authority
Palau EQPB (Environmental Quality Protection Board)
Continental Airlines - Micronesia - PW / GU / HA
Senator John McCain
Palau OERC (Office of Enviornmental Responce and Control)
Kramers Cafe
PNOC - Mini South Pacific Games
Escape with ET
Islands First
Product: Escada Sport / Pacific Paradise Perfume
Cosmepolitan Cosmetics
Agency: PWI - creative agency
Tokyo Broadcasting Service (TBS)
Morning Show
Survivor X Palau - CBS
JICA - International Coral Reef Center
Public Broadcasting Service
Dances of Life